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Our company mission is to exceed expectations

Wittenborg Capital offers corporate borrowers creative financing solutions through our extensive network of funding partners. We specialize in challenging or complex situations where financing can be difficult to obtain from more traditional funding sources and have a track record of delivering valuable and innovative results.

Headquartered in London the firm’s three working partners have together nigh on a century’s worth of relevant banking and industry experience. Wittenborg Capital started to work as a capital markets intermediary in 2010. WCL’s first projects were sourced in Denmark from clients well known to the partners through previous commercial engagements.

Client references were very positive and led to new client introductions and a number of mandates were won. The initial successes in Denmark and UK brought further recommendations and led to diversification and WCL has since been engaged to work on projects in the greater Nordic region, Germany and the US. The partnership has expanded from its London base and now has opened offices in Copenhagen (2013) and New York (2014).

The enormous geographical distances between the offices have worked to strengthen WCL’s offering as the differing business cultures found in each of our centres encourages vigorous internal debates as to how to secure the best solution for each mandate.

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